Marketing and Sales Courses to Grow Your Business

On-line courses and a support programme to help you

  • The NEW Marketing Blueprint

    How to make your customers really want to buy from you – over and over again!

  • How to make marketing videos with your phone

    Mini-course: Tips from the experts to help you make your own videos look professionally-produced

  • How to read your customer's mind

    Mini-course: Psychology and neurscience that helps us predict customer behaviour

  • Plus Free Bonus Material!

    Free mini-courses on Marketing and Sales

Meet your programme leader

  • Neville Merritt

    Programme Leader and Coach

    Neville Merritt

    Neville has over 30 years’ business experience in small, medium and large companies in many different industries. Neville’s courses are full of practical tips based on his first-hand knowledge of what works in business, and what doesn’t. He explains concepts in simple, non-academic terms and provides easy-to-follow guidelines on how to put these ideas into practice. To help you even more, he provides downloads and get-you-started templates so you can make use of your learning immediately. Neville is a director of Pure Potential, a consultancy founded in 2000 by his wife Olwyn. They live in the UK, enjoying walking their dogs in the surrounding countryside and keeping in touch with their children who are now expanding their own horizons!

Read what our clients have said...

Adam Barton, Educational Play Environments

Marketing and sales success

Adam Barton, Educational Play Environments

"Thank you for all your help the past few months. We have been working on our brochure and made a lot of changes to the way we present our proposals. Now fully up and running with CRM I’m confident this will help us going forward. We actually secured a project today which was lost to another company on price. After some follow ups and a discussion regarding the benefits of working with us they changed their mind. Previously we might have just let this one go and our process has certainly improved. Once again thanks for all your help."
Andy Wright, Cara Telemarketing

The NEW Marketing Blueprint

Andy Wright, Cara Telemarketing

“Having recently been tasked with increasing our ‘Digital Brand’, I looked to Neville for assistance. What I got in return was a content rich, easy to understand introduction to a world that I feel much more comfortable with now than I did a week ago. Thank you Neville, I’ll certainly be on one of your courses again!”
Matt Wailes, Educational Play Environments

Marketing and sales strategy

Matt Wailes, Educational Play Environments

"Thanks for your time today another interesting journey into the business! It was a great workshop, it really flowed well and we got all the information we needed to focus on a business plan and give us our frame of reference going forward to grow the business. All in all a great day."
Sonia Hutton-Taylor, Director, Medical Forum

Marketing strategy and branding

Sonia Hutton-Taylor, Director, Medical Forum

“Neville has personal and consulting experience in several industries – thus has a wide and liberal perspective on how different business styles can operate. He is patient and encouraging and has raised or elaborated on some issues that I might have struggled. He has been invaluable helping with the need to think bigger and more structured than a micro-business generally is and given my ambitions for my brand this has been very valuable.”
Nicola Forster, Director, Curious Lighthouse


Nicola Forster, Director, Curious Lighthouse

"Neville’s blend of skills in sales and marketing, plus learning and development have been a valuable combination for our discussions. My primary gap in knowledge was marketing, and Neville’s vast experience and ability to listen and ask poignant questions has allowed me not only to understand the marketing process, but implement it into my on-line business as well as my face to face provision."
Terry Bishop, Chief Executive, Unity

Business development coaching

Terry Bishop, Chief Executive, Unity

"Thank you for your time last week once again.  It is really helpful to talk things through with you.  I learn so much!"